About me

Hello, my name is Ivette van Riel. l was born in Mexico City and am living in The Netherlands since 2000. I used to work as Procurement Manager. I have a M.A. in International Relations with a specialty in International Trade.

I have always been passionate about nails and make-up and 17 years ago I switched from Procurement to the Beauty Industry. In the past years I have acquired an excellent level in nail and make-up artistry.

I attend on regular basis (inter)national training courses to keep up to date. I also participate in national and international Trade Shows and Competitions and I judge (international) nail competitions.

I am an award winner and a dedicated educator for nail techs. Overall I am a professional nail tech.

I like to express my love for the business by publishing in (inter)national nail magazines and educate and coach beginning and advanced nail techs.