I am an Independent  International Educator (ISO 9001 Certified). I am hired by different brands to DEKRA ISO 9001work for them teaching students or working at trade shows for example to do demos.
I also have my own training center where I teach (upcoming) nail technicians and coach them to improve their skills.

I offer professional training in nail styling,  additional workshops for beginners and experienced nail technicians and INJA pre-certification courses..

Training and workshops can be held in our salon located centrally in The Nethelands or on site at the student location, both privately or in groups.

My mission is to offer a top quality professional training in nail styling with a strong emphasis on good education. It is my goal that future nail stylists get a solid foundation so they can execute their profession professionally and they will become a successful craftswoman / craftsman or competitor.

If you don’t find the information you need, please send me an email: or use the contact page.